Will the Big Bang please come to order?

According to the Big Bang Theory, there was an explosion billions of years ago that gave way to the universe working in clockwork precision. A question to ask regarding this big bang would be, “What about the Second Law of Thermodynamics?” Part of this law (not a theory!) states that things in our universe go from a state of order to disorder, not from a state of disorder to order, unless acted upon by some outside, intelligent force. This law of decay, or “entropy”, is used by creationists to argue against evolution, since everything we observe today is in opposition to the theory that an explosion gave rise to a perfectly functioning universe.

 To drive your point home, ask what order came from the explosions at the World Trade Center when the planes hit the twin towers and they collapsed in New York City? Did you see order from disorder, or just the opposite—chaos and destruction? If that is what happened with the demolition of two structures that worked perfectly, then how is it that an explosion of matter in space gave us a universe that functions with such accuracy and complexity all by itself? Here is your window of witnessing: the worldview map of what the evolutionist believes does not match reality—it doesn’t fit the facts!

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