Brad’s informative presentations to the leaders of my Northwest District schools made a powerful impression. A great deal of information, yet delivered in a manner that was engaging, inspiring, practical, and even a bit whimsical – which made his presentations easy to focus on. He had my leaders talking and thinking about how what he shared will change and improve the way they serve students and families – music to my ears! I’m thankful for the way he brings apologetics and truths of Scripture into a structure that any Lutheran educator can sink their teeth into and put to immediate use.

         Jim Scriven, Executive Director, EC-12 School Ministries, Northwest District-LCMS


Brad’s presentation to Lutheran school administrators on how to reach students with no church/religious affiliation was practical and enlightening.  This is pertinent information in our schools today and needs to be shared!  Brad is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and has an excellent command of Scripture and research that supports his message.

Laura Montgomery,  Director of Educational Resources, Lutheran Elementary School Association, St. Louis, MO


Brad possesses the rare combination of incredible knowledge of apologetics and a tremendous teaching ability to communicate that knowledge in an engaging and compelling manner.  And he’s able to do this across generations, from youth to senior citizens.

Rick Adams,  Director of Discipleship, Trinity Lutheran Church, Mequon, WI


Brad Alles is a dynamic speaker who can cover multiple biblical topics for any type of Christian group.  He has spoken to our high school (Sheboygan Lutheran) during a two hour winterim presentation and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive by both teachers and students.  The next year he spoke at the spiritual renewal for the Sheboygan Area Lutheran School educators and did an outstanding session on what our students are facing and how we can give them simple answers.  Using a Christian worldview, he is a no-nonsense believer that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God containing the real Truth for us today!  I have given his book for both grade school and high school graduation gifts.  He has a unique way of communicating so all levels of our faith are developed and challenged.  He would be great for multiple sessions or two day events.

Paul W. Gnan,  Executive Director, Sheboygan Lutheran High School, Sheboygan, WI


Brad Alles was a speaker at the 2017 Faculty Retreat for the faculty of Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor Michigan.  He was a dynamic and inspiring speaker who shared his expertise on the topic of “Teaching Millennials.”  He shared the content of this session with enthusiasm, faith and humor while instructing with active learning methods used to teach this population of student learner.  The strategies shared with his audience will enable the faculty to understand and reach these learners with greater effectiveness.

           Dr. Wendy Goldbach, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy and Chairperson, Concordia U. WI, Mequon, WI


Brad Alles gave a wonderful, inspiring, and thoughtful presentation at the 2017 Indiana District Summer Administrators’ Conference.  Brad was spot on about how the culture is using science to marginalize the Christian faith.  Brad gave multiple examples for principals to take back to their respective schools so teachers can affirm their students’ Christian faith and defend Biblical truth in their teaching.  Great presenter, great Christian message!

           Dr. Jon Mielke, Indiana District-LCMS, Fort Wayne, IN


As modern day Christians, we often feel that culture and science are opposite our beliefs.  This is where Brad Alles steps in to remind us that the infallible Word of God is more than able to stand up to critics and skeptics.  We learned a great deal from Brad’s knowledge and enjoyed the humor in his teaching style.  If you have an opportunity for Brad to speak to your congregation or community, take it!

Rev. Chuck Schlie, Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Weldon Spring, MO


Brad did an amazing job with presenting information that underscores the importance of Christians to speak the truth in love and defend our faith. Enthusiastic presentation filled with meaningful content!

Randy Einem, Executive Director, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Orange, CA


Brad has an astounding ability to powerfully infuse God-inspired intelligence and his understanding and experience in Christian apologetics with a winsome and engaging presentation style. These allow him to reach audiences with all interests and ability levels with this important message! He is making an impact for the Kingdom of God by coming alongside Christians to encourage and equip them in Jesus’ work of reconciling His lost sheep to Himself!

Sarah Guldalian, Producer, Lutheran Hour Ministries, St. Louis, MO


Brad spent the weekend with us and we heard rave reviews from all who heard him speak.  He did three presentations (youth, congregation members and our Lutheran school staff) and tailored his talks to those audiences.  In fact, he was such a hit with our youth that two of them gave up a free day to come and hear him speak with the staff the next day…that says something!  Thank you, Brad, for your sharing your love for Scriptural truth and for equipping us to defend the faith!

         Dr. Mary Fink, Principal, Bethany Lutheran School, Long Beach, CA


We were blessed to to have Brad spend a weekend sharing his insight in seminar format for our congregation, circuit, and neighboring churches. His presentations on the “15 Questions of Life” proved to be quite a blessing in helping participants grow in their knowledge and defense of the Christian faith. Both his knowledge and presentation made a full day event enriching and very interesting. Brad is a true gift to the church and and a blessing to all who hear him speak.

Alan Wunderlich, Minister of Youth and Assistant Principal, Immanuel Luth. Church & School, Washington, MO


I highly recommend Mr. Brad Alles, theology teacher at Milwaukee Lutheran High School. Brad was keynoter at Indiana District all church worker conference in October, 2011. Very well received. His specialty is world views and how Christians can respond to them. We also invited Brad to keynote our “Veterans of the Cross” conference a year ago – for retired church workers. He was a hit. He is a very knowledgeable teacher and a dynamic presenter with good graphics, thorough content, sound theology, wonderful sense of humor, and great pacing. CPH published his book Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers.

          David G. Ebeling, Assistant to the President, Indiana District-LCMS, Fort Wayne, IN


Hello Brad and blessings to you! This is Aaron Hansen DCE at Zion Harvester St. Charles MO. Saw you at the district youth gathering here in MO. Your presentation was very well done and exactly what the kids needed to hear in our culture today.

Aaron Hansen, Director of Christian Education, Zion Harvester, St. Charles, MO


Brad, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to and learning from you this weekend.  And it wasn’t just me, on the ride home, we polled our kids and asked them about the weekend.  All of them found the information to be very interesting and helped us to grow in our faith and  be better equipped to stand firm against the other “worldviews” that we will face in this sinful world. Your students are blessed that God has placed you in Milwaukee to guide, instruct and prepare them for Christian living. Thank you and God Bless.

Wendell Mueller, Vice-President & Senior Commercial Loan Officer, The Bank of Missouri, Cape Girardeau, MO


Recently, Mr. Alles offered a sectional presentation at the National Youth Gathering of The Lutheran  Church—Missouri Synod (attended by 30,000 young people). I heard from numerous participants about how excellent his presentation was. That didn’t surprise me! With five kids and all their friends over the past  several years at Milwaukee Lutheran, I have become familiar with the refrain,  “Mr. Alles is an awesome teacher.”

 Dr. Patrick Ferry, President, Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, WI



This review is for Starting at the End (paperback):

This book is a great read for people outside the faith of Christ Jesus or actively involved in their faith. One thing is certain, no matter where you are Christ will return and it is in our best interest to remain watchful and in the Word of God and in Christ Jesus.

This review is for Life’s Big Questions God’s Big Answers (paperback):

This book did exactly what the title says, gave answers to lots of questions. This book is written in an easy to read format. Mr. Alles communicates well the answers to some of the questions and concepts that plague a lot of us as Christians. Just read it and find out for yourself that there really are answers to your questions.

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