What is wrong with the world?

When the first two people listened to Satan’s lies, that they wouldn’t die if they ate from the forbidden tree, and that they would be like God, Adam and Eve brought sin and rebellion into an otherwise perfect and “very good” world. They thought they could “do their own thing.” They were wrong, and the world has suffered ever since. God then cursed the serpent, cursed the ground that Adam had to work to produce food, thus making labor hard, and increased Eve’s pains in childbearing (Genesis 3:8-19). Ultimately, because they had disobeyed, they would not live forever, but would die.

If we fail to grasp the significance of not only the Creation but also the Fall in the Christian worldview, we fail to understand the world around us. During an examination of the Creation account in Genesis, one can grasp how orderly the universe is. God keeps saying everything was good.  One may think, “Wait a minute. The world is orderly, but not perfect.” Exactly. There are disasters, droughts, disease, and worst of all, death. The Christian worldview explains how the world came into existence and why it isn’t in perfect condition.  And it is the only worldview that says man is not basically good, but sinful.  This map matches the world we see on a daily basis. Our sinful human nature has led to a corrupted earthly existence, full of suffering and sin. So what can we do about it? Or better yet, what has God done about it?

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