What else happens on October 31?

After examining the origin of Halloween traditions of dressing up and getting treats, let’s turn our attention to two more groups that celebrate on October 31st: Wiccans and Satanists.

For Wiccans, this is day to contact the dead.  Much like Druid belief, the dead are most accessible on this day.   For an explanation of contacting the dead, see the previous blog on seances at  https://bradallesprod.wpengine.com/what-about-occultic-practices-like-seances-part-4/

In addition, this day is a special one to worship nature, since many believe that we evolved from Mother Earth or Gaia.  Wiccans are often very adamant about the fact that they do not cast spells.  Furthermore, they do not worship the devil.  But there are others who do.

Satanists come in basically three groups: self-styled, symbolic, or literal.  Self-styled Satanists are just what the name says: people who follow their own path in their worship of Satan, neither joining a group nor advertising their beliefs.  These individuals may have found a book or online source and are doing things on their own.

Symbolic Satanists are those who don’t believe in the devil, since they believe there is no supernatural realm at all.  These people may join groups to follow their inner desires, taking the name of “Satan” since they are doing what they want, regardless of what traditional norms and religion may say.  In this way they mimic the fictional devil who rebelled against God and do what they want.

The literal Satanist believes that Satan actually exists and rewards those who are devoted to him.  Animal and human sacrifice will be done on this night in hopes of receiving benefits from Satan for the offerings given.  Like Wiccans, October 31st is a “holiday.”

The truth is that there is One who defeated sin, death, and the devil. Jesus lived perfectly, then paid for our sins on the cross, dying as a sacrifice for our sin.  He rose from the dead and lives forever, as we can.  Revelation 1:18 records Jesus saying, “I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.”  Through Christ, we have nothing to fear on October 31st, or any other day!

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