What about non-moral decisions? (Part 2)

Decision making and God’s will continues with this second part regarding choices that don’t involve a moral component.  Non-moral decisions are made when there is no command in the Bible regarding God’s stated will.  If there is no special guidance by God, or no moral guidance given by God, then we have to make choices that are neither right nor wrong. Whatever we choose will not be sinful, since there’s no command from God on the issue.  Making the best choice possible is accomplished with wisdom when facing a non-moral decision.

 There are six things to consider when making non-moral decisions. These are conscience, common sense, circumstances, counsel, compulsion, and contentment.  Taken together, they can assist us to make wise choices.  We’ve already covered the first three (conscience, common sense, and circumstances), so let’s focus on the remaining three.

Counsel is another thing to c0nsider when making a decision.  Get the advice of trusted Christians, experienced people, and loved ones who care about you and your future.  You’re not alone, so don’t make big decisions alone.

Compulsion is the drive or desire to accomplish something.  When you are motivated to attain a goal, or when your heart is set on something, it is vital to tap into that feeling and utilize it.

Finally, contentment is a sense of peace and well-being.  You should have that when you make your decision.  Here’s a helpful hint when going through this process: make your decision, but don’t tell anyone.  After you have made your choice, go through the day and see if you have peace about your decision.  If you do after a few days, then you can tell people.  But if you fell anxiety and worry over your choice, that may be an indicator that you need to reassess the situation.  The reason you don’t tell anyone is to save yourself the embarrassment of notifying people of your change of direction!

Taken together, these six can be extremely helpful points to consider when making non-moral choices.  And the good news is this: you can’t go wrong, since it is a not a moral issue, and God is always with you.


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