The Truth About…Sociology (Part 4)

Let’s conclude this month’s blogs on sociology, the study of social behavior.  The last blog revealed that while marriage is on the decline, poverty goes up with single parents.  With more and more single parents raising children, the greater risk for other social ills will befall the  children.

Viewing this issue from another perspective, decades of sociological research show that heterosexual married couples benefit their children and society more than any other family structure. Take the latest research by the University of Texas. Dr. Mark Regnerus conducted a study of lesbian, gay, single, and traditional homes that was unprecedented in scope and depth. Among the findings were that heterosexual married couples’ families experienced greater family stability, less dependence on public assistance, a higher employment rate, lower mental health issues, and a lower rate of sexually transmitted diseases among family members than any other family structure.

God’s design allows us to thrive, flourish, and prosper when it comes to sociological structures like the family, church, and state. Seeing these institutions through a biblical lens is what we do in our 3 high schools. We Teach Truth regarding sociology.


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