The Truth About…Psychology (Part 1)

This month’s blogs will focus on Psychology.  But what do we mean “psychology”?  Literally, psychology means the study of the mind.  Yet this examination of the mind is not just concerning the physical organ of the brain, but concerning the behaviors and attitudes of people.  It seeks to answer the question, “Why do we behave the way that we do?”  In order to answer that question, we have to remember that there are two distinct views of humanity today.

All worldviews except Christianity will tell you that humans are basically good, or neutral at worst.  Man’s moral state is not one of depravity and sinfulness, but one of goodness and morality.  Since we are basically good, our biggest need is to do what we want.  After the  basics of life have been provided like food, water, shelter, and companionship, we need to follow our desires to make our life complete.  Whatever it is, we should pursue it.

On the other hand, the Bible has a totally different perspective on humanity.  We are created to give glory to God and yet cannot because of our sinful nature.  Because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion, we are all sinners, pulling away from God toward our own selfish agenda.

Due to this sinful state, our greatest need is not doing what we want, but receiving a Deliverer from our lost condition.   Thanks to God He has provided the Deliverer—Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.  Only Christ can save us and orient us back to God, enabling us to live lives that glorify God and bless others.

Our behavior can change—but only by God’s redemptive work through Christ.

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