The Truth About…Politics (Part 1)

This month’s blogs will focus on politics. While some believe that religion and politics are two subjects that should not be brought up in polite conversation, it is imperative that we understand not only a Christian worldview regarding politics, but what others believe as well. If we fail to grasp why people act the way they do based on their worldview, we will miss opportunities to witness to Christ and make a positive impact on the culture in which we live.

What is meant by the word “politics”? Politics concern the policies and goals of government. In other words, what ideas and regulations will best bring about the objectives that government has established? For example, if people want safety, should the government have the right to stop anyone at any time to check the person to see if they are doing something or carrying something illegal or unsafe?

There are two basic ideas regarding the policies and goals of government. These are social justice and the ideas of justice, freedom and order. We’ll discuss the concepts of justice, freedom, and order in the next blog.

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