The Truth About…Law (Part 1)

This month the blog’s focus will be on a Christian worldview of law.  What is meant by “law”?  By definition, it is the rules of conduct for people.  Even though we may not want to admit it, having laws is good, since moral relativism leads to chaos.  If everyone does whatever they want, anarchy will begin.

There are two basic beliefs about rules of conduct, or law.  One is that God decides them.  Since He is creator and ruler of all, God declares how we should live and treat each other.   The other belief is that humans should decide laws.  This can be done by the people voting, having a voice in a legal system, or by the government declaring the laws without any input from the people.

The Bible teaches natural law and biblical law.  What do these terms mean?   Natural law is the law found naturally for all people and at all times.  These universal concepts such as “don’t steal” or “don’t kill” are found all over the planet, even if people don’t have the Bible.  Why is that?   Romans 2:14-15 says it is because the law is written on our hearts.  We just know instinctively that rape is wrong.  We can find it forbidden in the Bible, but our heart already knows that.

Biblical law is law found in the Bible.  Some are for specific people, while some are for all people.  More on this concept in the next blog.


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