The Truth About…History (Part 1)

This month’s blogs focus on history.  What do we mean by the word “history”?
History is the recording of past events.  When we examine competing worldviews in the United States, there are 5 basic views of history.

First, Islam teaches Historical Determinism.  History is determined by Allah and ultimately will be fulfilled in His vision.  Islam teaches that Allah created the world and guides it through the Quran.  Jihad can be used to bring all people under Allah again if they will not convert, but in the end, everyone will follow Allah.  History is a record of people who have strayed from Allah’s path, but will be brought back into submission to Him in the end.

Second, Secular Humanism teaches Historical Evolution.  As humanity evolved through time by random chance and mutations, we will eventually make perfection through our efforts–a “heaven” on earth, since there is no afterlife.  Humanism believes that we can evolve and make a better world–we just need the right people in the right government.  We can learn from our past mistakes to make this utopia.

Third, Marxism teaches Historical Materialism.  All of humanity has evolved physically through mutations, and the desire for material goods, possessions, and money drives humanity today.  Economics move us toward utopia—a classless world where there are no “haves” and “have-nots.”  Everyone will have what they need and share equally.  We have moved historically via economics through being hunter-gatherers to a feudal system of lords and serfs to captialism and then to socialism. The final step will be communism, a global society where everyone is free from want.

Fourth, Cosmic Humanism teaches Evolutionary Godhood.  History is a record of ascent from lower levels of consciousness to godhood and utopia.  Humans have evolved, but we are actually divine beings, since everything is god.  This pantheistic assumption leads New Agers to teach that we will eventually grasp our divinity since everything is god.  When we do that, we will create a perfect world, free from greed and want.

Fifth, and finally, Christianity teaches that history is really His-Story.  History is a record of past events, which God has allowed to take place in His sovereignty.  The main points in human history in this worldview are the Creation, Fall of Man, and the Redemption of humanity purchased by Christ on Calvary.  History is linear, and will ultimately end with Judgment Day.  More on this in the next blog.

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