The Truth About…Economics (Part 1)

Did you know that the Bible has more verses about money than about heaven and hell? Did you know that there are more verses about money in the Bible than there are regarding prayer? According to Ron Blue’s book, Sneakers from Heaven, the topic of money is all over the Bible. The problem with many Christians is that we have just read portions of the Bible and have not noticed how popular this topic of money really is.  So let’s talk about a biblical view of economics.

What does the word “economics” mean?  It means producing, distributing, and consuming goods.  There are basic beliefs about producing, distributing and consuming goods; these are free-market capitalism, interventionism, and socialism.

In free market capitalism, individuals freely exchange goods and services in the market.  For instance, when it comes to computers, if you like Apple products as opposed to Microsoft, you buy at the Apple store.  According to interventionism, the government intervenes and redistributes wealth created in the free market in order to aid others.  We see this in welfare payments made to people that government labels as needy.  In socialism, the government controls the exchange of goods and services.  An example of this is Communist nations such as Cuba and China.

This month, we’ll explore these 3 ideas on economics and see what the Bible says about this popular topic.

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