The Truth About…Biology (Part 1)

This month’s blogs continue with a study of the truth. Specifically, we’ll focus on biology. What does the word “biology” mean? It means the study of life. When we study life, there are two dominant views regarding life’s origin: evolution and creation.

In the Evolution model of life’s origin, life appeared 3 billion years ago after the Big Bang 14 billion years ago. Lifeless matter gave rise to living matter which mutated and changed into various forms, each more complex than the next.

On the other hand, the creation model says that God created the universe in 6 days. Matter didn’t give rise to life; God gave life.

What is the truth? The Bible teaches Creationism. When we read the opening chapters of Genesis, chapters 1-11, they are meant to be taken literally. They are written in narrative form, not symbolic form. God creates everything in six literal days, not over billions of years.

A letter from Prof. James Barr of Oxford University explains it best:

 “Probably, so far as I know, there is no professor of Hebrew or Old Testament at any world-class university who does not believe that the writer(s) of Genesis 1–11 intended to convey to their readers the ideas that creation took place in a series of six days which were the same as the days of 24 hours we now experience; the figures contained in the Genesis genealogies provided by simple addition a chronology from the beginning of the world up to later stages in the biblical story; Noah’s flood was understood to be world-wide and extinguish all human and animal life except for those in the ark.”


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