The Truth About…Biology (Part 4)

Let’s conclude the series on biology.  Belief in evolution requires the acceptance of things that defy scientific law.  The ideas that matter could arrange itself, come alive, and express thought all violate observable laws using the scientific method.  What makes more sense is that there is something more to this world than just atoms and molecules–the ultimate Designer and Giver of Life, God.

So what if the Christian worldview is right?  Not only does it address the origin of us all (the creation of the first man and woman by God), but it also addresses why there is evil.  Adam and Eve rebelled against God and broke His command.  Ever since then, humans have had a rebellious nature against God, focused on their own selfish pursuits.

Yet the solution to this selfishness and sin is found in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became True Man even as He was still True God.  He lived perfectly among us, keeping all of the requirements of God’s laws, and then paid for our rebellion with His sacrificial death on the cross.  After rising from the dead, Jesus showed Himself victorious over sin, death, and the devil.

Think about this: the Creator saves His creatures by living among them as a Man, and loves them enough to die for them, even though they are rebellious.  Not only does the origin of life come from God, but the origin of eternal life comes from Him as well.

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