The Plot to Change America

Mike Gonzalez’s book, The Plot to Change America, exposes the myths that help identity politics perpetuate itself. The book explains what has really happened, explains why it is urgent to change course, and offers a strategy to do so.

The key to understanding our culture today is the desire to change all social norms. Gonzalez summaries today’s issue this way:

“The creation of identity groups has not been a project to upend the hegemonic hold on power of Protestant, white, male America to give subordinate groups a share of the pie.  It was a far more ambitious and encompassing enterprise; it was about destabilizing, or “problematizing” in the language of the entrepreneurs, all social norms.  It wasn’t just a patriotic, national identity that was under the gun.  Private property, the free market, the family, religion, assumptions not just about sexual roles but about fixed biological sexes—all these verities needed to be destroyed, and individuals, society, and legal authorities had to recognize and affirm the new realities” (p. 113-114).

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