Temperature and Carbon Dioxide

According to the Genesis 1:26 and 28, humans have dominion over the earth. This means we have stewardship over the earth. Therefore, it is wise to do scientific investigations to understand our climate. If the research shows our behaviors are detrimental to earth, we should change our actions. This attitude is shared by Christians and non-Christians alike. But one point of contention, shared by both believer and unbeliever, is the influence of carbon dioxide on global temperature. Answers in Genesis has a great article on climate change that explains the relationship of temperature and carbon dioxide. Dr. Alan White explains:

But just because CO2 and temperature have been rising together for quite a while doesn’t automatically prove one caused the other. That’s the great challenge in scientific research—to determine what are the true causes of the changes we observe. In this case, that boils down to answering the question, “Is CO2 the predominant cause of the current change in the climate?” This is not easy to answer because we have so much more to learn about many factors that influence our climate.


Here is a chart from the article that illustrates Dr. White’s point:

For more details, go to https://answersingenesis.org/environmental-science/climate-change/what-scientists-ignore-about-climate-change/

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