Science finds God

I remember reading a Newsweek article years ago that was called, “Science finds God.”  The article stated that the order found in nature was a strong argument for God’s existence.  One quote stood out to me: “It turns out that if the constants of nature–unchanging numbers like the strength of gravity, the charge of an electron and the mass of a proton–were the tiniest bit different, then atoms would not hold together, stars would not burn and life would never have made an appearance. John Polkinghorne, a physicist at Cambridge University says, ‘When you realize that the laws of nature must be incredibly finely tuned to produce the universe we see, that conspires to plant the idea that the universe did not just happen, but that there must be a purpose behind it.’”

This Newsweek article reveals that scientists know that the whole universe is “incredibly finely tuned.” But did the universe tune itself? How could lifeless matter, without intelligence, do that? Or did Someone, with life and intelligence, fine-tune it so we could live here? Sounds like God to me! That’s why the article was entitled “Science Finds God”.

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