Preparing for a Post-Christian Culture (Part 1)

As we look around our American landscape, we see the culture changing right before our very eyes.  What were once clear distinctions and obvious differences between right versus wrong, truth versus error, and fact versus fiction are now blurred beyond recognition.  It is a totally new world.  Do we know what to do?  Do we know how to witness effectively?

It is imperative for us  to understand the times and know what to do.  The next series of blog will discuss the future of the American landscape, as well as how to confess Christ and the biblical worldview.  It will also explain the hard truth of persecution as a reality of the Christian life.

For now, here are three Christian leaders who state clearly what the ramifications of a post-Christian culture are:

“Young people are not going to survive in this increasingly secular society if we don’t find a way to permeate every field with apologetics”—not just in religious classes, but in everything.  “You have to teach young people how to defend a Christian perspective in their fields.  Young people’s questions are going to be different from the questions faced by earlier generations.” (Nancy Pearcey, Houston Baptist University)

It is vital for mature believers to be “training up a new generation of children to know what it is like to live among a people who will see Christianity as very strange.” (Russell Moore, Southern Baptist Convention)

“Increasingly, we’re likely to be a counter-culture.  As that happens, we will be the last great defenders of reason, of truth, of human dignity…So many different positions now, and we need to know them, what the consequences are likely to be, and how to argue with them persuasively…Today, almost nothing can be taken for granted.  The foundations have to be put back into everything.”  (Os Guiness, Christian apologist)

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