Post-Modern claim No. 2: No “Big Stories”

A second claim of Post-Modernism is that there are no metanarratives or “big story” to explain all reality, whether the model is Creation or Evolution. Creation is discarded since God doesn’t exist, the assumption with which Post-Modernism begins. (Remember that all worldviews begin with an assumption: either God exists or He doesn’t.) In addition, the Big Bang theory is dismissed because scientists weren’t there to see the origin of the universe, so “statements reflecting the whole world are impossible…only local stories told by various cultures” explain the world.

Yet here’s another contradiction in Post-Modernism. Proposing that there is no metanarrative is another truth statement, which is inconsistent in a system that says that there is no truth. If there’s no truth, how can we be told authoritatively that “only local stories told by various cultures” are permissible? Who is to say that there is no “big story?”

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