Philosophy (Part 1)

These blogs on truth continue with a series on philosophy.  Don’t be intimidated by that word!  We all have a philosophy.  But first things first.  What is meant by “philosophy’?

The word” philosophy” literally means “the love of wisdom.”  The dictionary definition means studying reality and the meaning of life.  If we focus on what people say about reality, it boils down to two basic options.  There is a natural realm only, comprised of matter and atoms alone.  This is known as naturalism.   The other option is that there are two realms, a natural and supernatural one.  This is called supernaturalism.

The Bible teaches supernaturalism.  The two realms of reality, the natural and supernatural, are seen throughout the pages of Scripture.  We believe we can known some of the supernatural realm through the Bible, and know the natural realm through our experience and reason.  Christians are not anti-science.  Because God made an orderly universe, it can be studied and known.  But the supernatural realm has to be revealed by God through the Scriptures since we cannot observe and measure it.  But if we can’t observe and measure it, that leads to an intriguing question.

How do we know there really is a supernatural realm?  The answer to that in the next blog.

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