Persecution (Part 1)

This next series of blogs will focus on persecution.  As this Post-Christian culture continues, hostility toward the Church will grow.  This series will focus on the biblical truths of persecution.  For now, consider what religious leaders are saying.

“Religious liberty is paramount. There’s a real, growing push to eliminate what to-date have been fairly unanimously accepted religious-liberty exemptions from otherwise acceptable laws.”  Recognizing this, he said,         makes “inspiring the next generation… incredibly important and extremely difficult.” Still, he believes, Christians are up to the long-term challenge: “We understand ourselves to be salt and light…”  We should want “the absolute best thing for one another, and then allow our facts, figures and arguments to buttress that position,” all with the goal of pointing fellow Americans “to the cross.”  (Eric Teetsel, Manhattan Declaration)

“The day of the casual Christian are over. No longer is it possible to drift along, hoping no tough choices will have to be made.” (Erwin Lutzer, Moody Church)

“There will be no place to hide, and there will be no way to remain silent. To be silent will answer the question.  The question is whether evangelicals will remain true to the teaching of Scripture.” (Albert Mohler, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

“It is likely that I will die in my bed. My successor will die in prison.  His successor will die executed in the public square.  His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly rebuild civilization as the church has done so often in human history.” (Francis George, Cardinal of Chicago)

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