New climate report–not dire

The United Nations established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 1988. They have published their latest report in August, the IPCC Climate Assessment Report 6. Climatologist Dr. Pat Michaels said the report and its conclusions were “mired in the atmosphere of unreality.” “The U.N. has been pushing the climate story since 1988 – that’s a long time ago – when it established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And, that panel was established specifically to provide what they call the basis for a possible treaty on climate. Any committee that is assigned such a specific assignment will do exactly as it was told. And, therefore, the composition of the [IPCC] – the authors – are selectively chosen because they know the results they are going to get.”

Climatologist Dr. David Legates: “They have a vested interest in not the science – whatever that may be – but in stating that carbon dioxide is sort of an evil gas and therefore has to be regulated and has to be controlled.”

There are four areas that the report addresses: extreme rainfall, drought, tropical cyclones, and sea level rise. Paul Homewood writes: “As the IPCC admit, they cannot find any longer-term trends in (tropical cyclones). Equally, there is no actual evidence to back up claims of the heavier rainfall. The reality is that our weather is no worse now than it was 150 years ago. Indeed, I would strongly suggest that governments all around the world would be terrified if they were told we were going back to the climate Little Ice Age. Think I’m kidding? This was exactly scientists thought was going to happen during the global cooldown in the 1970s, and governments were genuinely alarmed. All that is left in the IPCC report is a host of highly subjective projections of what might happen in the future.”

Read a summary of the report and those four areas at this link:

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