Micro- and macro-evolution

Continuing with the concept that mutation is the key to evolution, in order to show that evolution is true, evidence is presented that reveals that mutations occur. For example, insects become resistant to certain pesticides. Since these bugs are bug-spray proof, this proves evolution. Not so fast—this is an example of micro-evolution, not macro-evolution. Remember that in macro-evolution, one type of organism mutates and changes into an entirely different organism. The earlier example was fish changing into reptiles. But in micro-evolution, the organism remains the same, but with a small change within the species. These insects may now be resistant to a certain repellant, but they remain insects! There is a huge difference between these two types of evolution—micro and macro. Don’t be fooled! One is scientific and observable (micro); the other is theoretical and unobserved (macro).

Then what do we see in museums, textbooks, and movies? Artists’ renderings of what these half-fish, half-reptile creatures would look like. Just as in X-Men, imaginations soar as artists depict amazing, new, mutated creatures and life forms, all based in fantasy, not fact. There are no transitional forms alive today, or in the fossil record, that show macro-evolution. Or maybe we should just listen to the late curator and paleontologist of London’s Museum of Natural History, Colin Patterson, who had over seven million fossils at his disposal. He did not know of any evidence, “fossil or living”, that provides “direct illustration of evolutionary transitions.” “I will lay it on the line—there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument.”

The truth, by definition, fits the facts, so a worldview map has to fit the facts as well, since it claims to explain the world with the truth. However, we’ve seen just the opposite here in this brief overview of evolution. This map doesn’t make sense: the universe exploded and arranged itself, and life came from lifeless matter, becoming more complex and mutating into different life forms. These beliefs go against scientific laws and evidence.  The Christian worldview map makes more sense—it fits the facts of an orderly world that began perfectly, but is now disorderly due to mankind’s sinful nature.

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