Marxism’s Future: Global Communism

Here’s what Marxism sees as humanity’s future as stated in my book, Starting at the End.  It focuses on worldviews and their vision of earth’s destiny.

Economics, according to Marxism, is the driving force in history. Capitalism will die out (a free exchange of privately-owned goods and services) and socialism (a government-controlled economy) will pave the way for communism. Vladimir Lenin, leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution wrote, “Communists should know that the future belongs to them.” Dr. David Noebel explains, “The paradise to which all of history is leading is a socialist/communist society. Salvation for the Marxist lies in the consummation of the historical process in a one-world utopia…The laws leading the world toward communism are inexorable, and no amount of human will can stop the collapse of capitalism, the rise of socialism, and the steady transition from socialism to communism.”

Starting at the end with Marxism reveals that the entire planet will move into one classless society, where everyone shares and shares alike in a communal paradise. There will be no “haves” and “have-nots.” This will be a heaven on earth.

Frances Fox Piven, professor of political science at the City University of New York (CUNY) told an audience of the Left Forum 2012, “We can work together because we have a really huge task before us of transforming America and the world. And there is room for all of us. For religious leftists, for people who think peace is the main answer, for people who think that wholesome food is what we really need, for ecologists and for the old-fashioned Southern Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Socialists and Communists. So we are all together.”

“Transforming America and the world” is clearly the goal of Marxism.  Yet when confronted with the evidence that their worldview doesn’t work—the failed Communist nations, the success of capitalism—they simply start at the end. Schwarz summarizes it this way: “In the last analysis, (the Marxist) believes in the inevitable triumph of Communism, not because of the evidence, but because of his faith in the dialectic.” Marxists are Marxists not because of the present, but because of the future. The future, they believe, belongs to them.  This is an act of faith–not in God, but in Marxism and its economic system.

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