Is suffering the biggest reason for atheism?

Is the biggest reason for atheism the suffering we see all around us?  Extreme weather devastates lives.  People commit unspeakable acts of evil.  Lives are ended and survivors are scarred.  Where is God in all of this misery?  Does He even exist?

Theodicy is the issue of God’s justice and evil.  How can God exist, or allow the evil and suffering that we experience every day?  When this topic comes up, questions like this arise: “If God exists, why is there evil?”  “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  “How could a loving God allow such suffering?”

The next series of blogs will address this important topic.  For now, know that God does exist and He does care; this sinful, fallen world is in it’s miserable state due to our sin and rebellion against God.  And even in the midst of our evil and subsequent suffering, God sent His Son Jesus to suffer and die as well.  It was to bring us back to Him, even though we had rebelled in the first place. 

Stay tuned for this next series of blogs,  And for an excellent resource on this issue, read Philip Yancy’s book Disappointment With God.


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