Involvement in the Kingdom of the Left Hand

Every Christian belongs to two kingdoms: one is spiritual and the other is earthly.  Lutheran theologians call these the kingdoms of the right hand (the Church) and the left hand (the State). As Christians get involved in Left Hand Kingdom, the State, there are specific actions to take.

First, be informed. The world revolves around ideas, and ideas have consequences. Read magazines, websites, local newspapers, and books to be aware of issues and implications for your community and country.

Second, vote when elections are scheduled. This includes primary and general elections. Know what candidates espouse and where they stand on issues. Remember local elections are just as important as national elections.

Third, ask questions when discussing issues with people. Ask, “What do you mean by…?” In other words, get definitions of words for the sake of clarity. Ask, “How do you know that?” Get the source/authority that is cited to explain their point. Ask, “What if you are wrong?” Ask for the consequences if their position is incorrect.

Fourth, speak up. Many are intimidated to share their views today. Remember you have two choices: keep the peace in fear, or speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).                

Just remember that getting involved will bring consequences. First, this will require a sacrifice on your part. This will cost you your time and a reordering of your priorities. Second, persecution will occur. This may include name-calling, rejection by people, or even financial loss. Third, you may get involved and have no knowledge if you made any impact. Do not let these unknown results deter you. Just like sharing Law and Gospel so people know Jesus as Savior, you are not responsible for how people use or dismiss your message. Simply do your work in the Kingdom of the Left Hand and leave the results to God.

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