Humanist beliefs (Part 4)

This series of blogs concludes with an examination of how Secularist’s view the future of mankind.  Since these people believe that humans are basically good, there can be a future utopia where all people live under one global government.  But what if the assumption of man’s inherent goodness is wrong?

One of the major concerns regarding global government is that there will be nowhere to go when the government is corrupt and evil. Presently, Americans don’t typically look at the world this way. We have not faced the problem of our nations acting like God, unlike Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or communist China. Today, with approximately 200 nations on the planet, one could move to another country to start a better life. Not so with a global state under one authority. C. S. Lewis said it like this:

Let us not be deceived by phrases about “Man taking charge of his own destiny”. All that can really happen is that some men will take charge of the destiny of the others. They will be simply men; none perfect; some greedy, cruel and dishonest. The more completely we are planned the more powerful they will be. Have we discovered some new reason why, this time, power should not corrupt as it has done before?

Starting at the end with the Secular Humanist, one sees a world united under one government. This aspiration to create a global government that will one day usher in a better world based on that government’s idea of an ideal planet. The sovereignty of the United States and other nations must be sacrificed for the good of the earth. Loss of representation and voice in government must be permitted to advance the global agenda. And loss of freedom must be accepted in the name of a brighter future. Since there’s no God, government is the ultimate authority, and since mankind is basically good, the right people in charge will provide a better tomorrow. Yet look at the evil that surrounds us. Review historical accounts of countries who tried to make such a utopia. Then ask yourself which worldview map mirrors reality—the Christian or Secular Humanist? Dr. David Noebel states the choice well: “We stand at the crossroads, with one path leading to individual liberty and the other to a future lived under the rule of the Conditioners. Which path our society takes depends on the choices we make today and whether those choices are based on God’s principles of life, or that of secular man.”

Today, people strive to man a heaven on earth.  They have dismissed the fallen nature of man and the need for redemption through the saving work of Jesus.  Only through Christ is there a perfect future for us–in heaven, being reunited with our Creator.

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