Evangelism in this Post-Modern age (Part 5)

The best witnessing comes when you allow a person to examine their worldview’s starting assumption, then look at their philosophy of what’s real, and their ethics on how to live, and then ask them to check their worldview with the real world around them.

Do they believe that there’s no God? How do they know that? Do they believe in evolution? Why is there order from a chaotic explosion in the Big Bang Theory? How did life come from lifelessness when the Law of Biogenesis says it cannot? Is there any behavior that is wrong, or are there limits to what we can do? Who decides that? Why can they decide that? Why do all cultures have laws?

When a worldview points in one direction while life experience points in another, then one cannot live on the basis of that professed worldview. It is not a “workable guide for navigating the world.” The map is useless.

As we proceed in witnessing, we need to show that Christianity is unified truth on both levels of faith and reason. It works in everyday life, yet fits the facts of objective truth that can be verified. Christianity satisfies both intellectually and spiritually. In the two-story truth, the lower level of reason is satisfied because Christianity stands up to rational and historical testing. The majority of past blogs has dealt with those issues. In the upper level of faith, it is fulfilling our deepest spiritual needs. Am I loved? Am I forgiven? Does my life have meaning? The answers are “yes” in Jesus! Nancy Pearcey said it best:

“What Christianity offers is a unified, integrated truth that stands in complete contrast to the two-level concept of truth in the secular world…Christianity rests on historical events that at the same time express the most exalted spiritual meanings. There is no division into contradictory, opposing levels of truth—and therefore no division in a person’s inner life either. Christianity fulfills both our reason and our spiritual yearnings. This is truly good news. We can offer the world a unified truth that is intellectually satisfying, while at the same time it meets our deepest hunger for beauty and meaning…It is true not about only a limited aspect of reality but about total reality. It is total truth.”

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