Ethics (Part 1)

The next blogs focus on the topic of ethics.  What does the word “ethics” mean?  Ethics are the standards and norms of right and wrong.  In other words, these are the ways to measure if something is wrong or right, much like a target shows a hit or miss.

There are two basic beliefs about ethical standards.  One is Moral Relativism.  In this view, we each decide right and wrong for our self.  There is no ultimate or universal standard or target by which we all measure our self.  We each decide right and wrong.

The other perspective is Moral Absolutism.  God has declared what is right and wrong.  We don’t decide the standards; God declares them.  Consequently, we can obey Him or not, and our actions are measured against His standard.

Obviously, the Bible teaches Moral Absolutes.  These standards of right and wrong are  grounded in God’s holy character.  He states them in the Bible, and we can choose to disobey them.

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