Culture War

The United States is in the midst of a cultural war that has been building for decades. It is a war of worldviews: a Judeo-Christian one on which Western civilization is built versus a Marxist worldview that seeks to transform America. This next series of blogs will address the origin of this conflict and what Christians can do. To begin, consider these three quotes concerning this culture war.

“(Cultural Marxists) realize that what is at stake is a struggle between two incompatible and irreconcilable worldviews.  That is why they are resolute and implacably hostile toward anyone more traditional or conservative than themselves.” (Jefrey Breshears, A Brief History of Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness)

Frederic Jameson, director of the Institute for Critical Theory at Duke University, states his academic mission is the creation of “a Marxist culture in this country, to make Marxism an unavoidable presence in American social, cultural, and intellectual life, in short to form a Marxist intelligentsia for the struggles of the future.”

Thomas Sowell, senior fellow on public policy in the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, stated that the greatest threat to Western civilization is from within—specifically in media and universities.  “The battlefront is everywhere, but especially where the young are being taught—from the elementary school to the university.  The sins of the human race are being taught to them as the special depravities of the United States or of Western civilization.”

This last quote is significant. Sowell captures the issue that lies at the heart of the culture war. Sinful humans have committed evil and atrocities across the centuries and across the world. However, many schools today teach our youth that these evils are unique to America or the West alone. That is why the United States must be transformed: it is inherently evil. From where did this worldview come? That is the subject of the next blog.

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