Critical Theory and sexuality

Pornography. Same-sex marriage. Transgenderism. The United States is in the midst of a cultural war that has been building for decades. It is a war of worldviews: a Judeo-Christian one on which Western civilization is built versus a Marxist worldview that seeks to transform America. Why is this happening?

In the early 1930’s The Frankfort School’s Marxist professors moved to Columbia University in New York. There they spread the Neo-Marxist interpretation of West called “Critical Theory.” This theory spread to other universities across America.

Critical Theory is an unrelenting attack on the West alone. It does not criticize Eastern culture or Muslim countries. All Western institutions (Christianity, capitalism, the nuclear family, etc.) must be torn down according to Critical Theory. There is nothing redeemable about any of them. 

One of the attractions of Critical Theorists was their stance on sexuality. Based in Marxism, the theology is atheistic and the ethics is moral relativism. In other words, there is no God, and right and wrong is determined by individuals, not a divine being in the heavens. Using this atheistic and morally relativistic foundation, Critical Theorists pushed three basic tenets about human sexuality.

First, Critical Theorists stated that Western civilization was sexually repressed. Because they started with the assumption there was no God, following the Bible’s standards regarding sexuality was misguided. Instead of being in line with human behavior, the biblical teachings about proper sexual conduct (saving sexual relations for marriage, not committing adultery, etc.) led to sexual repression, not sexual health.

Second, because there was no God, all these restrictions on sexual behavior were simply manmade morals. They are socially determined “constructs,” not divinely-inspired mandates. Since humans had made them originally, today humans could change them to fit their contemporary notions of proper behavior.

Third, the key to human happiness was to liberate sex from its biblical restrictions in order to reduce anxiety and frustration. With the barriers to sexual practices removed, humans could find fulfillment in their own choices. Psychological health was guaranteed once the obstacles of what was permissible and what was not were eradicated.

With Critical Theorists pushing these ideas, biblical standards of human sexuality were eroded. Practices that were once viewed as taboo were now seen as just another lifestyle choice. Eventually, Western civilization saw the legalization of abortion, the codification of same-sex marriage, and the popularization of transgenderism.

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