Classic Marxism

The United States is in the midst of a cultural war that has been building for decades. It is a war of worldviews: a Judeo-Christian one on which Western civilization is built versus a Marxist worldview that seeks to transform America. In Cultural Marxism, Western civilization must be destroyed because it is evil. The roots of this worldview derive from Classic Marxism.

In Marxism, life is a series of struggles between two forces. In the realm of ideas, they are thesis and antithesis. In the animal kingdom, they are predator and prey. In the economic realm, these forces are the rich (the bourgeoisie) and the poor (the proletariat). The rich oppress the poor, so the proletariat needs to rise up against the bourgeoisie oppressors.

Marxism also begins with the assumption there is no God. Therefore this atheistic worldview claims that religious doctrines are manmade falsehoods. Putting one’s hope in God and the joys of heaven are like drugs that dull the suffering of the poor. Because there is no God and no afterlife, rectifying suffering needs to be humans’ top priority now. This will occur when the proletariat rises up against their rich oppressors. Once the reason for human suffering is gone (the rich) , the poor will have what they need, and there will be heaven on earth.

As time went by, Marxists who believed these concepts were confused about the lack of uprising by the poor against the rich. Where was the revolution? Why had the people not overthrown their oppressors? Eventually, an Italian journalist and political theorist named Antonio Gramsci believed he had the answer. Gramsci said a “persistent and prolonged propaganda campaign” was needed to “undermine people’s confidence in traditional values and religious beliefs” making them open to socialism. We will learn more about Gramsci and Critical Theory in the next blog.  

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