Christianity’s Contributions: Science employed (Part 2)

Scientific study flourished because of Christianity.  Rather than being an obstacle, the Church had great thinkers who advanced science.  Here are a few.

When trying to solve a problem, William Occam (1280-1349) believed that we should choose the explanation with the fewest assumptions.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) developed the scientific method.  This used inductive reasoning, or a conclusion based on the evidence, rather than on deductive reasoning, which reaches a conclusion based on premises or statements.  This was the philosophy of Aristotle (384-322 BC), and the accepted way of figuring things out until Bacon.

The study of human anatomy advanced through the following Christians.  Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) drew pictures and studied human physiology in great detail.  Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) became known as the “father of human anatomy” through his exploration of the body and its organs.  Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884) became famous for his knowledge of genetics.

We’ll continue in the next blog with more Christians who aided scientific study.

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