Bad things or bad people?

Let’s continue this series on suffering on the philosophical level.  It’s necessary on an intellectual level, but these words are not for grieving people at a funeral.  Ministering with those who are hurting will be addressed later.

When philosophically addressing the issue of theodicy–the issue of God’s justice amid evil and suffering–another question often comes up: “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

One way to respond is to ask this question: Who is good?  Or, can you define “good”?

Our true nature is not good or basically neutral, as people in all other worldviews other than Christianity contend. Just look at the news every day on TV, online, or in the paper.  That should tell you immediately what our nature is.  And it is not good.  On the contrary, we are sinful. 

When people say bad things are happening to good people, isn’t it more accurate to say, “Bad things are happening to sinful people”?

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