The Truth About..History (Part 3)

As this series on history continues, let us examine the hope that all worldviews have except Christianity–we will create a perfect society.  In all worldviews except biblical Christianity, humans are viewed as good (or neutral at worst) and because of this inherent goodness, a better world is in our future.  But here’s the problem: where is this utopia?

Muslims says we all need to be Muslim to create a better world before Allah returns.  Question: what Muslim nation is illustrating this ideal society today?

New Agers believe we will take the next step in evolution and understand that we are god since everything is god.  Everyone will treat each other with respect and have a wonderful experience.  Question: what family that follows New Age beliefs is problem-free?

Marxists says we need to follow socialism, where government controls the economy before the communal paradise begins where the government fades away and we all share and share alike.  Question: what Marxist nation has experienced this classless paradise?

Humanists believe if all nations would drop their individual agendas and pull in a global direction under a global authority, we could create a better world.  Question: why are there corrupt people in the United Nations who have been exposed as taking advantage of others?

Christians know that imperfect people will never produce a perfect world.  That’s why we look to God to save us from our sinful condition by regenerating us by the Holy Spirit due to the atoning sacrifice of Christ Jesus.

And as far as creating a utopia, we never will produce that.  But following a biblical worldview will provide people a better chance to thrive and flourish.  More on that in the next blog.


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