“Resetting” capitalism to socialism

As the World Economic Forum touts the Great Reset, they describe a way to transform capitalism into a form of socialism. One article states clearly that “wealth needs to be more broadly redistributed.” By definition, that is one key to socialism–when the government redistributes wealth obtained from the private sector. Furthermore, the article says governmental intervention is needed “to ensure better and fairer outcomes from the private sector.” You can read the whole article at


This transformation will not restricted to economics. Those who adhere to the Great Reset have a plan to revamp “all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts.” This is an all-encompassing vision to make a better world today. Read about the vision at


As you read these articles, you will start to understand why our country and other nations are taking actions and adopting policies that seem to run counter to the past. These proponents of the Great Reset have determined that a new way of living–their way–will be better for everyone. Your freedom and rights will be sacrificed for their end goals.

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