Philosophy (Part 2)

This month’s blogs series continues on the subject of philosophy.

The Bible teaches that there are two realms of reality, the natural and supernatural. We believe we can known some of the supernatural realm through the Bible, and know the natural realm through our experience and reason.   Yet the question may arise–how do we know that there is a supernatural realm?  The answer is that besides through the Bible, people have experienced the supernatural in this natural realm.

Christians can know that the supernatural realm exists right from the first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  However, through time, people have experienced the supernatural realm in their everyday life.  Take miracles for example.  There are events and healings that defy natural explanation.  Whether one reads the Bible or the latest news, strange occurrences happen, outside the ordinary course of nature.  They do occur, and can be attributed to the supernatural quite easily, except for the fact that some people have already dismissed its existence.

One of the most intriguing stories of the supernatural that cannot be dismissed is the true story of The Exorcist.  Author William Peter Blatty wrote his novel based on the real-life account of a 13 year-old Maryland boy.  In 1949, the boy used a Ouija board to contact his dead aunt.  After that, strange occurrences began.

Scratching sounds were heard in his bedroom.  Dresser drawers would be pulled out.  The room would get very cold.  After talking to their pastor, they consulted a Catholic priest in order to do an exorcism.  This rite is designed to cast out demonic spirits from people.  It was unsuccessful, and the boy’s condition worsened.

Upon moving to St. Louis, the family sought help the Catholic church there.  After doctors ruled out physical and psychological problems, the rite of exorcism began.  Sadly, the ritual didn’t work.

For months, 48 witnesses testified in a nightly diary of the events that took place.  Scratching sounds,  a shaking bed, moving objects, opening drawers,  a cold room, speaking against God, spitting, thrashing, and bruising of the boy’s body were just some of the other-worldly events.

In the end, the boy was delivered by God through the angel Michael.  One night, after the ritual began, the boy said that Michael was present.  A different voice–a mature one–spoke through the boy: “Satan, I command you to leave now.  Leave in the name of the Lord.”  The boy’s body thrashed and a bright light was seen.  After that, the boy was delivered.  He never experienced any bizarre events again.  Furthermore, he had no memory of the exorcism.  For more details, see A&E Channel’s documentary Exorcists.

Christians can explain this and other supernatural events because we hold to that realms reality.   It is part of our philosophy, and can be seen in the Bible and in our lives.

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