In the beginning, aliens.

If we contemplate the origin of life, we have to realize how it could have started without God, design or purpose.  Everything, from the astronomical bodies to the cells in our bodies,  is so orderly that it argues for God as the Great Designer.  Now some will argue that God didn’t create the world like the Bible says, and He sure didn’t create life here either—aliens did. This is no joke.

The theory is called Directed Panspermia and it states that the first living cell must have come to earth from beyond our solar system. Remember that there are no supernatural beings in the evolutionary worldview, so there must be a natural explanation for all things, even if it is from another planet.

But think critically about this. How did these aliens evolve? From Spontaneous Generation, the theory that life came from lifeless matter? Life cannot come from lifeless matter due to the Law of Biogenesis, which states that life only comes from living things. There is no way that chemicals in some soupy ocean 3 billion years ago formed life on planet earth due to this law. And this is why some believe alien life came here from another planet, and it gave rise to all life as we know it. When people propose this, please ask for proof (from a previous blog: worldview test #1), and then ask how did aliens evolve from lifeless matter when the Law of Biogenesis doesn’t allow that. What will be strange is how your faith in Jesus is belittled, and yet that is exactly what is required to subscribe to this theory—faith in alien life.

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