Defending the faith at the movies

Yesterday I read an interesting blog reviewing the new Liam Neeson film The Grey.  (“The Grey: Liam Neeson’s bleak atheist parable” ) In it, blogger Shane Morris points out that the film isn’t so much a movie about man vs. nature as it is a movie about man vs. God.  Or, more specifically,  man vs. the absence of God in the face of suffering.  This is a perfect example of using everyday events as witnessing opportunities.

When we see a movie, practice 1 Peter 3:15. Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have in Christ.  If the movie is a parable for atheism’s view that suffering proves that God doesn’t exist, then how will you answer that?   In a future blog, we’ll discuss that answer, but for now, the focus is on always being prepared to defend the faith.  That takes work on our part–being in the Word, praying, and listening to Christians who have sought to answer these legitimate questions. We’re called to always be prepared to give a reason for your Christian faith–and that includes when you’re at the movies.

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