Christianity’s Contributions: Charity increased (Part 1)

Let’s turn our attention to the issue of charitable giving and the humane treatment of others as we continue to examine the contributions that Christianity has made in culture.  The Christian Church chartered a new direction in the treatment of the poor, sick, and others.  The reason for this was simple–such treatment was not found in the Greek or Roman cultures.

According to Greco-Roman culture, only citizens had value.  The sick, poor, and slave weren’t citizens and therefore had no value.  The Greek philosopher Plato said any person who was poor who could not work due to sickness should be left to die.  Another philosopher, the Roman Plautus, disagreed with giving food to the poor.  What was his rationale?  Giving food to the poor simply prolonged their misery.  Romans believed that giving to others should only be done to get something in return.

Thankfully, the charitable giving and aid to the needy that is prevalent today is due to Christianity’s influence.  More on that in the next blog.


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